Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Muslims exhorted to hate Christians

Earlier this year (2006) on Saudi Arabian TV, Sheikh Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan, a professor of Islamic Law, said:

"Someone who denies Allah, worships Christ, son of Mary, and claims that God is one third of a trinity - do you like these things he says and does? Don’t you hate the faith of such a polytheist who says God is one third of a trinity, or who worships Christ, son of Mary?"

"Someone who permits and commits fornication - as is the case in Western countries, where fornication is permitted and not considered a problem - don't you hate this? Whoever says 'I don't hate him' is not a Muslim, my brother."

The professor demonstrates a profound ignorance of Christianity. Christianity (Protestant, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox) holds that there is One and only One God, eternally existent in Father, Son and Spirit. Christians would further insist that the Father is not one third God, nor is the Son or Spirit one third God. God is One. While Christians may have difficulty explaining or even fully understanding this, we nonetheless believe it. Muslims may argue that we are not consistent in our beliefs or even that our beliefs are illogical, but to say that we believe in three Gods is factually incorrect. Yet even Muhammad himself made this mistake.

The Saudi professor also appears confused in his proclamation on fornication. He seems to combine those who worship Jesus the son of Mary with those in Western Countries who condone fornication. While some liberals who call themselves Christian may have very tolerant views on fornication, conservative Christians view it as sin. Unfortunately, many Muslims, like this professor, make no distinction between western society in general, which is increasingly becoming a moral cesspool, and conservative Christianity which is increasingly being viewed by that society as intolerant for our stand against the increasing cultural decadence.

Finally, it should be noted that Christians are exhorted to love even our enemies, while this professor of Islamic Law almost defines Islam in terms of those who hate western civilization in general and the worshipers of Jesus in particular. It is almost impossible to overemphasize the significance of this difference.