Wednesday, April 8, 2009

British bombings and blaming America

Doesn’t it seem like whenever something bad happens in the world, someone will find a way to blame America? On Saturday, a live broadcast from England was interrupted briefly by some guy shouting to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that she should tell the truth, which according to him was that the bombings in England happened because America is in Iraq! Unfortunately, many in England and America agree. They seem to think that if America had only have left the bad guys alone to torture, gas, and mass murder their own people, they would have left us alone as well.

Maybe this Brit forgot that even before America relieved Iraq of its murderous dictator:
1) Terrorists killed 3,000 Americans (9/11, 2001)
2) Terrorists killed 17 Americans in the attack on the USS Cole in (2000)
3) Terrorists killed 11 with a bomb outside an American embassy in Tanzania (1998)
4) Terrorists killed 213 with a bomb outside an American embassy in Kenya (1998)
5) Terrorists wounded 4,500 in these two embassy attacks
6) Terrorists killed 19 Americans outside the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia (1996)
7) Terrorists killed 6 and wounded over 1,000 with a bomb in the basement of the
World Trade Center (1993)

Or perhaps he thinks all of these murders were in retaliation for the Gulf War in 1990-1991. But terrorists were killing us even before that war too. In 1988 terrorists bombed a Pan AM 747 killing 259 passengers. In 1983 Shi’ite Muslims exploded a bomb in Beirut killing 241 Americans. The murder of all 500 of these innocent people happened before the 1990-1991 Gulf War in which we, along with a coalition including Muslim nations, helped rescue the Muslim country of Kuwait from the unprovoked take-over by Iraq.

But somehow our enemies still blame America. Perhaps if all 300 million Americans and Israeli’s in the world just committed mass suicide Muslim terrorists would then be happy. Probably not. After all, it was the takeover of one Muslim country (Iraq) by another Muslim country (Kuwait) that got our troops committed to the Gulf in the first place! Before that, Shi’ite and Sunny Muslims were killing each other in the war between Iraq and Iran, and Pakistan’s Muslims and India’s Hindus have, at times, actually brought the region to the bring of nuclear war! While its true that these are nations and not terrorists, that doesn't provide much comfort. America certainly has its sins, but I can’t help thinking that those who blame almost everything on America, just hate America.