Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A new category has been added to the acronym GLBT—GLBTQ: Gay Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Trans-gendered, and Questioning. I have no doubt—though advocates would undoubtedly deny it—that the “questioning” category has not really been added to help kids sort out their sexual identity, but to recruit as many into the gay-lesbian lifestyle as possible. After all, those who are for them can hardly stand against them.

Gay people should never be verbally abused or physically attacked so I have no problem with diversity programs that teach people to treat others with decency. There is a big difference, however, between programs that teach respect, and agendas that try to promote and even glamorize gay lifestyles—i.e. programs that attempt to lure “questioning” teens over to the dark side. The promotion and glamorization of gay lifestyles is not just done by Hollywood and the ACLU, but by the National Education Association and even the American Library Association.

Except for Hollywood, society doesn’t generally glamorize smoking, alcoholism, obesity, drug use, etc., because these are dangerous to ones’ health and expensive to society. Why then do we promote gay lifestyles, even to those who are “questioning”? We have all kinds of “stop smoking,” “stay sober,” “lose weight,” and “get clean” programs, and yet our society not only demonizes programs designed to help those who want to escape a gay lifestyle, some people even promote, glamorize and now try to lure “questioning” kids into a lifestyle that may kill them. This is truly sick.