Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Partial birth abortion

The Supreme Court is now (November 2006) hearing arguments regarding the procedure known as partial birth abortion in which a baby is partially removed from the womb. The baby's head is then either crushed, or punctured.

Proponents of partial birth abortion argue that the mother's safety is the issue. If the mother's safety is really the issue, wouldn't it be safer just to remove the baby entirely and then kill it, rather than inserting a sharp instrument into the woman's vagina for the purpose of puncturing the baby's head?
Oh, but we can't do that. That would be infanticide and most people would agree that infanticide is wrong. But really, what is the difference between partial birth abortion and infanticide? Aren't we really just playing legal games? If we leave the head inside the vaginal passage we can call the procedure abortion. If we remove the head, it is infanticide. How can anyone seriously argue that it is a mother's right to kill a partially born baby?