Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Nigeria and the New Zealand shooting

I must admit, it infuriates me!

Since February, “As many as 280 people were killed inChristian communities” by militant Muslims in Nigeria. In fact, over 1,800 Christians were murdered in Nigeria in 2018 and more than 5,000 have been slaughtered since 2015. Some are calling it genocide. According to the Christian Post, “there is a deliberate deception taking place that seeks to portray Fulani attackers simply as ‘herdsman,’ and the conflict as strictly a clash between farmers cattle herders. The truth is…that radical Islamists have taken over the Fulani, spreading jihad by deliberately slaughtering Christians andburning their churches.”

So 49 Muslims are tragically murdered in New Zealand and the story makes international news for days. Thousands of Christians are being slaughtered by radical Islamists in Nigeria and there is barely a peep by the news media. Why is that?

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria as well as the friends and families of the New Zealand shooting victims.