Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Radical Islam; Terror in its own words

Last night I watched the Fox News special, Radical Islam, Terror in its own words. The host, E.D. Hill was careful to say that the program was not about “moderate” Muslims, but about the radicals.

It was disturbing to watch massive Muslim crowds shouting “death to America” and “death to Jews.” It was even more disturbing to watch parents teaching their children to aspire to be suicide bombers in order to kill Americans and Jews. It was also disturbing to watch Muslim cartoons designed to brainwash children--the heroes were suicide bombers blowing themselves up killing Jews and Americans.

One of the most disturbing of all was E.D. Hill's interview with a "moderate" Muslim leader in America. When Ms. Hill showed him some of the clips of Muslim children calling for death to Jews or wishing for martyrdom, I would have expected an unqualified condemnation of such brainwashing and tactics. I would have expected an angry denunciation of those who hijack Islam in the name of their radical agendas. He did neither. Instead, I thought his response was rather qualified and guarded.

When Ms. Hill asked him why we hear so little from moderate Muslims when radicals blow up innocent civilians, he said this was because the media doesn't want to air the response of moderate Muslims. Ms. Hill said this simply was not true. As an example, she said that after the terrorist attacks in England, Fox News specifically sought out moderate Muslim leaders who would go on the air to condemn the terrorism. Fox News was able to find a grand total of only one moderate Muslim leader who would do this!

One terrorist expert said that moderate Muslims are so intimidated and afraid of the radicals, that they (the moderates) are becoming more and more marginalized and irrelevant. I understand why moderates don’t speak up in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, or Gaza, but I don’t understand why we aren’t seeing mass protests by moderate Muslims in America against those who are supposedly hijacking their religion (if there’s one thing they know how to do, its protest)!

If “moderate” American Muslims don’t protest out of fear of the radicals, America has a much more serious problem than most Americans want to acknowledge. If “moderate” American Muslims don’t protest because they sympathize with the radicals, America has much more serious problem than most Americans want to acknowledge.