Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Right wing extremists

For over 200 years of American history, most Americans have been opposed to abortion- on-demand and to homosexuality, but have not been opposed to prayer in public schools, plaques of the Ten Commandments in courthouses, or nativity scenes on public property. For over 200 years most Americans have supported the death penalty and a citizen’s right to own guns for hunting and protection. Regardless of where you stand on these issues, it should be carefully noted that recently the phrase “right wing extremist” has been regularly applied to people who still believe things that most Americans had historically believed. Whether most Americans were right or wrong on these issues is beside the point. The point is that when you hear the phrase “right wing extremists” you are on the receiving end of a political propaganda ploy designed to vilify and demonize people who hold opinions that the majority of Americans had believed for over 200 years!